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Estee Lauder Lip Color & Eye Color Luxuries Sets 2014

We are all excited to greet the so expected spring season and each of us has her reasonable motives for it. However, greeting the sunny days of spring with the characteristic colors of the season is one of the best ways to express your excitement for the fact that it’s finally springtime! Thus, considering that […]

Bobbi Brown Pastel Brights Eye Palette Spring 2014

Enjoying the whole process of showing off your sense of style during the perfect, sunny days of spring season? Well, whichever style you go for make sure you don’t forget to add the perfect finish touch using adorable makeup products of high quality just as the ones presented by one of the most beloved brands […]

Dior Vernis Couture Effet Gel Collection for Spring 2014

Well one can surely say that Dior never disappoints us when it comes to launching a new line and this time the beloved famous label didn’t make any exclusion either as came up with the new Dior Vernis Couture Effet Gel Collection! Thus, this new collection, especially designed for this spring 2014, signed by Dior […]

MAC Colour Carnival Collection for Spring 2014

Looking for inspiring ideas that will motivate you to change your look and make it completely correspond to the latest fashion and beauty trends of spring 2014? Well, let us introduce you the new MAC Colour Carnival Collection Spring 2014! Bringing into the spotlight beauty products of high quality in a new alluring color spectrum […]

Revlon by Marchesa Red Carpet Collection

We are glad to inform you that the Revlon by Marchesa Red Carpet Collection finally has been unveiled! Thus, bringing into the spotlight a new fancy, limited line the two labels for once again come to prove that a luxurious red carpet look can actually be achievable. An as co-founder and designer for Marchesa Georgina […]

Chanel Les 4 Ombres Spring 2014 Makeup Collection

Besides the so expected sunny days that the upcoming spring season will bring there is another reason to be very impatient about March as the Chanel Les 4 Ombres Spring 2014 Makeup Collection is set to be available starting from this March! The label this time is comes up with fancy brand new set of […]

MAC Mineralize Glass and Mineralize Rich Lipsticks Spring 2014

Interested to find out what’s new in the fashion world? Well, we are glad to inform you that the new MAC Mineralize Glass and Mineralize Rich Lipstick collection for spring 2014 is set to be released pretty soon! Bringing into the spotlight a stunning line of 12 diverse lip gloss tones and 6 vibrant lipsticks […]

Tom Ford Spring 2014 Makeup Collection

Considering that the so expected spring season will arrive before we even notice it our beloved labels rushed to come up with brand new makeup collections that promise to take the perception of feminine beauty to whole another level! Among them appears to be the Tom Ford Spring 2014 makeup collection, a new line ready […]