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Dior Vernis Couture Effet Gel Collection for Spring 2014

Well one can surely say that Dior never disappoints us when it comes to launching a new line and this time the beloved famous label didn’t make any exclusion either as came up with the new Dior Vernis Couture Effet Gel Collection! Thus, this new collection, especially designed for this spring 2014, signed by Dior consists of 21 classic and brand new, trendy nail polishes of high quality with an improved brush designed in a specific way in order to make the whole task of coloring your nails a lot easier and more exciting!

Now, the number only of the shades presented by the new Dior Vernis Couture Effet Gel Collection for spring 2014 is enough to surely say that there is a big variety of colors to choose from which if not all then most of our beloved fashionistas are glad to know as that assumes that there is at least an option for each color/style preference! Thus, coming up with interesting alternatives from vibrant pinks to soft basics the new line seems encouraging to experiment with color for this spring 2014, which is an exciting idea!

To see what colors are actually included in the new Dior Vernis Couture Effet Gel line, check the information presented below!

  • 108 Muguet – pastel pink with white shading
  • 155 Tra-la-la
  • 268 Tape
  • 306 Trianon –gray
  • 403 Royal Palace – taupe
  • 413 Raw
  • 494 Junon –gray with a blue accent
  • 537 Riviera
  • 659 Lucky
  • 661 Happiness – Vibrant pink
  • 758 Victory
  • 769 Front Row – Neon pink
  • 803 Metal Montaigne – dark gray with metallic accents
  • 853 Maasai
  • 918 Hypnotic
  • 970 Nuit 1947 – ripe purple
  • 999 Red – classic red
  • 338 Mirage – purple
  • 551 Adventure – vibrant coral
  • 575 Wonderland – bubble gum pink
  • 754 Pandora – stylish red



Interested in? Well you won’t have to wait for very long as the new Dior Vernis Couture Effet Gel Collection will be available at stores starting from April the 1st.

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