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Simple Recipes to Flavor Water with No Calories

If you want to flavor water with little sweetness, consider these simple recipes, which contain no calories. They aren’t high in preservatives and contain no sugar.

Find out what is necessary to flavor water and enjoy the pleasant taste with no calories. Prepare them at home with these simple recipes.   

Flavor Water with Fruits and Herbs

Skip putting sodas in your water and go for several healthy ingredients, which flavor water with no calories. Opt for fruits and herbs. To flavor water choose several fruits and such herbs as mint, lavender and of course rosemary. Take a pitcher and put the fruits and herbs into it, adding water. Let these ingredients stay a little to give flavor. Store your delicious drink in the fridge and leave it there for 4-8 hours. Avoid adding bananas, as you won’t be able to flavor water with it.

Don’t add any sweeteners, as in this case your water will be filled with calories. Have a look at these simple recipes, mix various fruits and don’t forget to put ice cubes while serving.

Flavor Water with Cucumber and Mint

For this amazing recipe, you will need cucumber in a sliced form (1/2), chopped lime (1/2) and leaves of mint (1/4 cup). If you don’t like the taste of the mint, you may opt for rosemary. Tarragon is also a great choice.

Flavor Water with Citrus

Flavor water with chopped orange (1), lime in a sliced form (1), and chopped lemon (1). If the flavor of your water is too astringent, you may also go for mint or lavender.

Flavor Water with Pineapple and Mint

Here is another delicious recipe to flavor water with no calories. Take chopped pineapple (1 cup), and mint (1). The leaves of the mint will flavor your water.

Flavor Water with Raspberry and Lime

If you desire to flavor water with no calories, then this simple recipe is worth your attention. Put into water lime in a quartered form (1) and raspberries (1/2 cup). The great taste will satisfy you.

Flavor Water with Orange, Ginger and Pineapple

Mix chopped orange (1/2), chopped pineapple (1/2 cup), ginger (1 tablespoon). After grating them, your water will be flavored.

Flavor Water with Watermelon and Mint

It’s enough to take watermelon in a cubed form (1 cup), mint leaves (1/4 cup) and flavor water. Consider that the mint leaves should be muddled.

Flavor Water with Lemon, Strawberry and Basil

Flavor water with no calories, opting for this recipe. Combine lemon in a sliced form (1/2), strawberries (1/2 cup) and basil leaves (1/4 cup).

Sweet teas may also be tried, as the tea bags contain no calories. They just give a delicious taste to your water.

With these simple recipes you may flavor your water with no calories. Besides, they are healthy and don’t cause harm to your health.

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