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Estee Lauder Lip Color & Eye Color Luxuries Sets 2014

We are all excited to greet the so expected spring season and each of us has her reasonable motives for it. However, greeting the sunny days of spring with the characteristic colors of the season is one of the best ways to express your excitement for the fact that it’s finally springtime! Thus, considering that one of our most beloved, famous brands decided to come up with brand new alternatives especially created to embellish feminine beauty for the upcoming days of spring! Of course we are talking about the new Estee Lauder Lip Color and Eye Color Luxuries Sets for spring 2014! The brand this time decided to attract our attention by bringing into the spotlight two new, fabulous travel Exclusive Sets that consist of six stunning shades specifically chosen to color your eyes and lips. Moreover, the fact and only that these ensembles are set to be sold separately allows you to orientate which shades you want to go for.

Now, take a look and get more detailed information about the new Estee Lauder Lip Color and Eye Color Luxuries Sets!

Estee Lauder Lip Color Luxuries Set:

37 Hint of Peach Pure Color Crystal Lipstick

01 Crystal Baby Pure Color Crystal Lipstick

26 Mandarin Pop Pure Color Crystal Lipstick

53 Wildly Pink Pure Color Lipstick

63 Marvelous Mauve Pure Color Lipstick

64 Abstract Violet Pure Color Lipstick

Estee Lauder Eye Color Luxuries Set:

79 Summer Linen Pure Color Eyeshadow

47 Nude Fresco Pure Color Eyeshadow

52 Sizzling Copper Pure Color Eyeshadow

33 Ivy Envy Pure Color Eyeshadow

63 Tempting Mocha Pure Color Eyeshadow

45 Lavish Mink Pure Color Eyeshadow

Last but not least we would like to inform you that the new Estee Lauder Lip Color and Eye Color Luxuries Sets will be exclusively available at Estee Lauder counters starting from this March 2014!

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