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Tips on Sustaining an Indoor Garden

Indoor herb garden in front of a window

You don’t need to have a big backyard to have a garden of your very own! Usually people only think to put in a garden after they make a lot of space for it, but by having an indoor garden, you’re fitting your garden to the whatever bit of space you already have. Whether you want a herb garden to spice up the kitchen, or some plants and flowers to brighten up the space, all you need for an indoor garden is a window with some light!

Aside from figuring out the aesthetic that you want, you should choose where to place your plants based on where they will best thrive. Plants that need a lot of sun, such as herbs, are best suited for north or north-east-facing windows, while most other indoors plants come from tropical or sub-tropical climates and so they’re used to soaking up the sun through dim, tree-covered locales. These indoor plants do better facing east or west, and will do just fine in a room that you might at first think is too dark. There are also some plants that need a lot of water—such as ferns—and these would do best in a bathroom, where they can absorb all the moisture they need.

Indoor herb garden in front of a window

Watering techniques are also an important part of keeping your indoor garden alive. You can’t rely on rainfall to water your plants indoors! Make sure that all your pots of holes in the bottom, and for the most effective watering, place the pot in a dish filled with water. This allows the water to get directly to the root of the plant, and is especially effective for delicate plants. Misting is also a great technique to keep your garden growing! Get a spray bottle and use room temperature water to occasionally mist your plants, particularly if the air in your house is dry. Don’t get too excited with all these watering techniques though—over-watering is an absolutely plant-killer! Before watering, press your finger into the soil to feel for moisture—if it’s moist it’s doing just fine; you only need to water if the soil feels dry.

So just keep these tips in mind while you’re starting out your indoor garden and watch as your house becomes transformed into a beautiful outdoor-inspired oasis!

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