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This Summer’s Coolest Sunglasses

Woman wears colored sunglasses on beach

Nothing polishes off a great summer outfit like a trendy pair of shades. The right pair of sunglasses can turn an otherwise bland outfit into a chic style statement. Most of this season’s hottest sunglasses are borrowed from the other style trends of the season. There is a lot of retro-inspiration going on, and the rule of the season is the bigger the better! Here are our favorite sunglasses trends of the season:

Woman woman sunglasses with embellished metal

Perfect for the festival scene, the embellished trend offers many different styles to really play with your look. Find some floral detail for a more feminine look, or channel your inner rockstar with some studded shades paired with a cute leather jacket. Look for metallic appliques, filigree, or any cool detail that catches the eye.

This look is taking us way back to the days of beehives and ma and pop diners, kicking up some intense 1950s vibes. These shades will make you look ultra feminine and add some sophistication to any outfit. Immerse yourself in the throwback and pair with a cute retro high-waisted bikini and big sunhat for a stunning look for the beach.

Taking some inspiration from the hippie styles of the 1970s, this colorful look will set you apart. Look for some big, round lenses and some cool blue hues that pop. The bigger and brighter the better! Pair with a loose floral blouse and embrace the boho-chic feel of this trend.

Aviators never seem to go out of style. A good pair of these shades will last you a lifetime! They’re perfect for a laid-back look while doing errands or going for a light hike. Pair with anything from a cute sundress to plain jean shorts and a cute deep v-neck tee; you really can’t go wrong with aviators.

To really take your shade game to the next level, find some glasses that mix together any of these styles. Get some embellished cat-eyes or colored aviators to take full advantage of these fun, trendy looks.

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