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Celebrity Workout Tips

Each woman wants to look slim and attractive. There are many ways to achieve a perfect body shape. Each woman has her own method of getting slim. However, if you cannot make up your choice, you may go for these celebrity workout tips, which will greatly help you have your desired curves.

1.    Cameron Diaz’s Workout Tips

This world famous actress does a system of exercises using special apparatus, which are designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture. Besides, they enhance mental awareness. Cameron Diaz is also fond of golf. These workout tips are recommended for 30-40-year-old women.

2.    Hayden Panettiere’s Workout Tips

Going up and down the stairs is Hayden Panettiere’s workout tip, which makes her have a slim and perfect figure. Take stairs instead of the elevator and you will be both healthy and fit.

3.    Beyonce’s Workout Tips

The famous trainer Marco Borges advises Beyonce to go for movements, which include more than one task. This workout tip trains several muscles at the same time. She also includes such activities in her workout as lunges and planks. Opt for Beyonce’s workouts and look gorgeous and chic.

4.    Shay Mitchell’s Workout Tips

Shay Mitchell finds that running and dancing are very essential for a slim figure. She also includes hiking in her workout, which creates wonders for her figure. She walks for several miles and getting to a bench, sits for 30 seconds. It is one of the best workout tips for women.

5.    Nina Dobrev’s Workout Tips

To stay in form and to have attractive curves Nina Dobrev attends hot yoga classes. This workout tip makes you sweat and is great for the heart and blood vessels. Due to the yoga positions, you will be able to stretch your lean muscle. Hot yoga is also great for pores. Thus, it will also provide you with a pure skin.

6.    Jennifer Aniston’s Workout Tips

Jennifer Aniston’s workout tips are quite various. She has one of the best figures in Hollywood. Jennifer Aniston spends much time on training. She mixes several activities, such as running and spinning. She is also indulged in yoga and Pilates. All these activities together will create a magical result.

7.    Kelly Osbourne’s Workout Tips

Kelly Osbourne lost her extra weight by going for hula hooping. For a great effect, she did it every day. How funny will it be, if you do this workout with your friend. You will surely enjoy the great result together. This attractive workout is really worth trying.

8.    Isla Fisher’s Workout Tips

Isla Fisher recommends opting for yoga. After having a child, she had gained extra weight and due to yoga, she was able to get rid of 70 pounds. Yoga will help you get rid of tension and besides, it will make your muscles stronger. Yoga is great for your mind, as well. Spend at least four or five days a week on yoga, and you will have a slim figure.

9.    Gwyneth Paltrow’s Workout Tips

Tracy Anderson is Gwyneth Paltrow’s trainer. She strongly follows Tracy Anderson’s recommendations and carries out cardio and pilates. Look at Gwyneth Paltrow’s splendid figure, and the result is obvious.

10.  Kery Russell’s Workout Tips

If you have no time to attend gym, like Kery Russell, you may purchase special workout videos, watch them at home and of course follow them. It is quite easy to get slim by following these workout videos.

11.  Adriana Lima’s Workout Tips

To have a divine figure shape, you may get inspired by Adriana Lima’s workout tips. She went for an extraordinary workout. Adriana Lima chose boxing as her daily workout. You should be very energetic in order to go for this workout tip.

12.  Natalie Portman’s Workout Tips

Natalie Portman recommends doing several types of exercises for a slim figure. Natalie Portman mixes swimming, yoga, pilates and jogging in her workout. This workout is high for the spine.

13.  Scarlett Johansson’s Workout Tips

The great actress attended gym to make her curves perfect. Scarlett Johansson does not give preference to cardio; instead, she strengthens her muscles by weight lifting. Choose Scarlett Johansson’s workout tips and get your eye-screaming figure shape.

14.  Pink’s Workout Tips

Pink attends gym very frequently, but she claims that her extra calories are burnt during her performances. She sweats a lot and thus gets rid of her extra weight. This workout tip is very effective to achieve a slim figure.

These celebrity workout tips are very easy to carry out, if you have strong will and time. They will provide you with an ideal body shape. Remember, that it is not obligatory to be young in order to have a slim figure. Do not get embarrassed to attend gym because of your age. Get inspired by such celebrities as Keri Russell, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston.   

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