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Top Fashion Blogs to Follow

Bloggers have their own sense of style and over the years they have gone from documenting their own fashion statements through their blogs to becoming fashion inspirations online. Fashion blogs are dedicated to the latest news and fashion updates which can help aspiring fashionistas find what kind of look they can achieve and be most comfortable in.

From setting trends to informing us about the latest trends we should try, I like checking out fashion blogs to see which fashion pieces are in and considered “current.” While I normally have a good fashion style on my own, I believe it doesn’t hurt to be influenced by fashion blogs and the fashion insights that they offer.

Check out these fashion blogs next time you’re online and have fun exploring the many different fashion tips they offer:

  • Michelle Phan – Michelle Phan is famous for being one of the top makeup tutorial channels on Youtube, and she also has her own fashion and makeup blog. You can check out her clothes and makeup picks as well as tips on what you can do to grab her looks.
  • Tokyo Fashion – Check it out for fresh inspirations on Japanese inspired fashion statements. If you want to be unique when you want to sport pieces or an overall look which is not commonly seen, this is the best place to go when looking for inspiration.
  • Musings of a Muse – For product reviews and detailed information about beauty-related stuff, I suggest you check out  for a fun way to “shop” around for products you might like.
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers – For a combination of fashion and makeup advice from many different perspectives, you’ll enjoy the information and fashion advice given at IFB.
  • Makeupgeek – You’ll see makeup advice from another famous Youtube channel also known as “makeupgeek” and apart from makeup information and techniques, other fashion tidbits are on the website as well to complement your makeup look.

There are literally hundreds of fashion blogs you can follow and draw inspiration from, but these are the ones I suggest you check out for the freshest information on fashion and makeup!

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