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Is Fashion Blogging Dead?

It is not a novelty that fashion blogging made great revolution in fashion industry as the latter changed the perception of fashion news and reports and presented new, fresh ways of informing about anything associated with fashion world. However, according to famous fashion critic Robin Givhan the so called Golden Era of fashion blogging is dead.

Years ago, taking pictures of fashion shows and presenting them to the public with the necessary comments was something that only fashion editors were able to do, due to limited access and no right of showing off unauthorized pictures from runway shows. However, in the 2000’s we all experienced the great fashion evolution that fashion bloggers made offering a new, different point of view and a more democratic approach to the topic. Of course, that led to the appearance of fashion bloggers in almost all runway shows and the growth of a new competition in fashion industry. In fact according to famous fashion critic Robin Givhan the very first generation of fashion bloggers were Bryan Yambao, Susanna Lau, Tavi Gevinson, and Scott Schuman, new bloggers who seem to know very well what the main demands of the public were, people who had an interesting, unique point of view and managed to easily attract the public’s attention.

Soon, and to be more concrete starting from 2008, fashion blogging became an official source of information about almost everything associated with fashion and that was the period when professional editors realized that they have strong competitors with a big audience and lots of fans.

Later on we all noticed how fashion blogging lost the popularity that it used to have once and according to professionals of fashion industry the reasons why we might be facing such a dramatic change in fashion industry are different, as some of the fashion bloggers got hired as official editors, others simply lost their interest. So, we probably can say that we are at a point where fashion blogging is dying out.

What do you think? Is fashion blogging becoming a lost cause?

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