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The Latest Makeup Tricks and Techniques

Woman applying makeup in the mirror

Makeup seems to be getting more complicated lately, with new methods and techniques being touted by beauty videos everywhere. But which ones actually serve a practical purpose?

  • Curling Lashes – The devices for this makeup trick look positively medieval, but it’s not that scary. And it’s worth it, the way curled lashes make your eyes appear bigger and more defined. Squeeze the device gently against the base of the upper lashes.  Just remember, do not curl after you apply mascara. It could damage or break off the lashes.
  • Filling Brows – Sometimes it can seem like an unnecessary step in the morning routine, but it can really make a difference if you have sparse or uneven brows. They serve as a frame for the entire eye area and can make your whole look seem more finished and polished. Just use light hand and make sure they are even.
  • Baking – If you are unfamiliar, baking is the method of caking on loose powder and letting it set to absorb any excess oil from the skin. After you let the powder sit for five to ten minutes, you brush the remainder off. It’s a trick used by drag queens for years, but it has made its way to mainstream. It can set your entire face like almost no other product or technique.  Baking is especially helpful for the undereye area.
  • Tightlining – Love love love this one now that I have learned how. Tightlining is the technique of pressing eyeliner right into the base of the top lashes. It can make your lashes look darker and thicker without adding a lot of eye makeup. The best method I have discovered is to use a cream eyeliner and a flat-tipped brush to press the liner to the lashline.

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