Best Lipstick Tones for Black Women

Dark-skinned woman with red lipstick and blue eyeshadow

While opting for an ideal lipstick tone, you should take into account the color of your skin. You should also pay attention to the undertone of your skin. In this article, we have picked the best lipstick tones for black women. Have a look at them and choose the best shade for you.

Nude Lipstick Tone for Black-Skinned Women

If you seek for a stunning lipstick tone for your dark skin, you should opt for a nude lipstick color. It will perfectly go with your skin color. You may pair your nude lipstick with a smokey eye makeup and highlight your gorgeous eyes. There are various dark skin colors, as well. While making your great choice, consider whether you have golden or caramel skin tone.

Lipstick Tones for Black Women

Red Lipstick Tone for Black-Skinned Women

Black-skinned women have another great option of lipstick tone. Red lipstick will be stunning for black women. In this case, you had better think over your skin color, as well. If your skin is dark, you should wear a lipstick in light purplish or dark red hues. In case you have a skin in a medium shade, you are advised to pull off a lipstick in a light red tone.

Pink Lipstick Tone for Black-Skinned Women

To provoke admiration, black-skinned women are recommended experimenting with a lipstick in a pink tone. This shade will be one of the best lipstick options for African American women. Wearing this shade, you will surely look super stylish and screaming. You may also play with various shades of pink. If your skin is light, you may freely choose a lipstick either in a pale or a dark pink hue. Dark pink tone will be great for those women who have a skin in a medium shade. Finally, if your skin is dark, fuchsia is the right shade option.

Thus, black women are provided with a number of trendy lipstick tones. They may experiment with all of them until they find the best lipstick tone for their skin.

Lipstick Tones for Black Women

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