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How to Style a Mohawk Braid

Short blonde hair with mohawk braid

Well, as most of you have already noticed the trend of braided hair still remains in the top charts giving you another chance to rock new braided hairstyles. Moreover our beloved stylists took a step forward in the whole braid trend and came up with a new, rich punk inspired braided hairstyle: the Mohawk braid!  There is no doubt that once you see this, bold type of braided style you’ll simply fall in love with it. Besides, Mohawk braid is a trendy hairstyle that can perfectly fit with both casual and occasional looks and add a bold touch to them. Thus, explore the various braided Mohawk options presented below and get inspired to create a jaw-dropping look!

Mohawk with Multiple Braids

A creative idea that you can stick with for a daily or special look! The best thing about this hairstyle is that it looks like a classic updo from the front while from behind you can see the multiple braids gathered together in the center that add a modern touch to it.

Mohawk Braid

Faux Hawk with Dutch Braid

This braided style on the other side can be a great alternative for a night out look, as it appears to be a complex hairstyle that can add a glam touch to any look and perfectly enrich it.

Mohawk Braid

Punk Style

A braided Mohawk that begins from right at the hairline would be your best choice, if you are looking for a hairstyle that will leave a big impact on everyone and bring you in the center of attention.

Mohawk Braid

Simply Eccentric

Sometimes the «less is more» philosophy works the best for hairstyles as well and this is a case that proves our statement right! So, this simple, tiny Dutch braid made down the center of hair can actually become the key to success of an eccentric look.

Mohawk Braid

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