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Red Hair Color Ideas for Women

Red hair color is something that almost every fashionista wants to experiment with at least once in her life. Of course, what can be tricky when it comes to red hair color is matching it with your skin tone rightly and this is one of the main reasons why red hair color is considered daring. However, this should not concern you anymore as there is a big variety of different shades of red for you to choose and all you have to do is figure out which one looks the best with your skin tone. Thus, take a sneak peak at some red hair colors for women and get ideas that will make you change your mind and take the risk to rock red hair color!

Bright Red Hair Color

Bright red hair colors are recommended for those of you who had the luck to be born having a porcelain skin tone, as these amazing tones help to add a modern touch to the whole look and create an eye-catching style! On the other side for those of you who have a warm skin tone, we suggest red shades with golden undertones for better results.

From Dark to Red Hair Color

Ok if you want to dye your hair at home, on your own but you have a dark hair color then there are few things to pay attention to. First of all opt for a darker shade of red in order to avoid damaging your hair. Besides, start a deep conditioning process a week before in order to prepare your hair properly.

Maintaining Red Hair Color

Well, it is not a novelty that red hair needs special treatment as the hardest task of having red hair is maintaining the tone that was achieved. Thus, use specific, color protecting shampoos and conditioners in order to have a guaranteed maintenance of the red shade.

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