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How to Shape Your Own Eyebrows At Home

It’s not obligatory to attend expensive salons in order to shape your eyebrows. You may easily do it at home, taking into account the following essential tips.

Find the Starting Point

Finding the starting point of your eyebrows is one of the essential things while shaping your own eyebrows at home. Take your tweezers and put it in a vertical position with the edge of your nose. In this way, you will find the starting point of your eyebrows. Then, use your eye pencil to create a line in order to find the starting point of your brows. This tip will greatly help you to shape your own eyebrows without anybody’s help.

Find the Pointed Top of Your Arch

Here is another great tip that you should follow while giving an ideal shape to your eyebrows. To achieve it, you should imagine a line, which will pass from your nose edge and will touch your eyebrow. The point where the line is joining with your eyebrow will be the pointed top of your arch. You are advised to use a special pencil for your eyebrows, which will make your work easier, while using tweezers.

Find the Ending Point

If you desire to create perfect eyebrows at home, you should consider the importance of the ending point. Create a line, which will intersect the edges of your nose and eye. It will be the ending point of your eyebrow. Do the same thing with both of your eyebrows.

Consider the Thickness of Your Eyebrows

In the process of shaping your eyebrows, you should take into account the thickness of your brows. You should begin plucking from the part where your brows are thicker. Eyeliner can help you while removing the undesired hair. To have natural eyebrows, you may also get rid of some hair from the upper part of your brows.

Consider Your Face Form

You should always take into account the form of your face if you shape your own eyebrows at home. If you have a long face, you should make your brows stretch to the upper part of your ears.  In case of a round face, you should stretch the third of your brows to the upper point of your ear.

Cutting Your Eyebrows

To make your brows have a tidy look, you may go for cutting. It can be a real substitute for plucking. You should just comb your hair up, using a brow brush. Then you should take a special trimmer for eyebrows and get rid of the long hair.

These tips will make your look astounding, providing you with perfectly shaped eyebrows. Thus, you may easily shape your own eyebrows at home, without spending much money.

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