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Summer Ailments, the Preventions and the Cures

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While we all enjoy the warm weather and the pool parties, there are certain beauty ailments that strike during the height of the temperatures. Here are the top three that I find myself dealing with, along with preventative measures as well as cures if it becomes too late.


  • Prevention
    This one is the easiest. Sunscreen. Apply it approximately thirty minutes before you go out in the sun and reapply every two hours and/or if you have been in the water.
  • Cure
    Sometimes we just aren’t as diligent as we need to be. Aloe gel really helps soothe and take the sting out. But lotion will also help the sunburn from peeling.

Dry Feet

  • Prevention
    Regular foot care is the key. Sandal weather actually leads to drier feet than boot weather because of the level of exposure to the elements. Whenever you have the chance, buff them smooth and lather on the cream.
  • Cure
    Once your feet are to the unattractive or even painful stage, treat them gently. Buff a little easier and give them a good coat of thick cream, followed by sleeping in socks.


  • Prevention
    Don’t neglect your regular regimen. You may need to switch to a foaming cleanser and an oil-free lotion instead of a milky cleanser and a cream. But removing the day’s makeup and sweat as well as regular exfoliation will help stave off breakouts.
  • Cure
    When one does crop up, treat it gently. Don’t necessarily get more aggressive with it. Continue your regular regimen and add a spot treatment such as tea tree oil just on the affected area.

The preventions are almost always just regular care for whichever ailment you’re facing. And in the long run, they will prove better for your skin!

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