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The Transition of Makeup

Woman applying makeup

With graduation season upon us, we all start thinking about transitions. Whether that be from high school to college or from college to the real world, life tends to change for a lot of people around this time. One thing that needs to change for those going through such a transition is the approach to makeup. Certain looks that are appropriate for one phase of life might not be necessarily good for the next phase.

High School to College
Many forgo daily makeup in college. When you have to be at the 8:00 AM psychology class but you were up until 3:00 PM studying for the calculus exam, contouring your cheekbones may become less of a priority. Of course, if you still want to look pulled together, some tinted moisturizer and a swipe of mascara will at least help you look fresh-faced and awake. For college parties, excessive shimmer and glitter may make you look younger than you would probably like to look. You would probably prefer a more mature look that includes some glow but with more polish. Just remember to focus on one feature, not all of them. Smoky eyes or red lips looks more grown-up than wearing heavy makeup on all the features at once.

College Into the Workforce
Again, it is time to graduate from the look of our youth into the look of our adulthood. Step the glow down another notch and focus on a smooth complexion with gently emphasized features. One particular technique that lends itself well to this polished look is tightline eyeliner. It helps emphasize the eye area without looking like too much makeup in the workplace. Depending on the work environment, extreme lip colors might be best avoided. A good go-to is a simple nude rose cream lipstick.

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