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How to Get Rid of a Stye

One of the most frustrating ways to start your day is waking up and noticing a red bump on your eyelids. As we all know eye stye is one of the most annoying beauty issues as it appears to be very distracting, which usually makes you think that you have a ruined look. Well, good news my dear fashionistas! Here we are to inform you how you can easily get rid of an eye stye! Thus, follow reading below and let our advice help you to deal with one of the most awful beauty issues.

Basic Information about Eye Stye

Eye Styes are the result of the inflammation of the sebaceous glands or apocrine sweat glands and as experts claim the can be the result of bad hygiene or nutritional disbalance. However, the most common cause of eye styes is the contact of your eyelids with unclean hands as this way the bacteria gets easily transferred.  This kind of inflammation assumes no pain but in some cases you might deal with pain as well which will mean that visiting a doctor is necessary.

The Right Treatment

One of the best ways to get rid of a stye is by cleaning the affected area more frequently than you used to. Also, make sure you apply warm compresses in order to get rid of the drainage. Make sure you leave the compresses on for at least five minutes and replace once you notice that they are getting cool. Afterwards clean again your eyelids only this time using a mild soap. Attention! Lancing is strongly restricted as not only it won’t help but it will actually make it even worse! Now, at this point it is possible to deal with a bit of itching or you might notice that your eyelid is swelling. In such case we recommend you to apply a specific, ophthalmic lubricant on.

Last but not least pay attention on the fact that you are not allowed to use any makeup products on the infected area. Also, wearing contact lenses on the affected area is also restricted until the eyelid is fully recovered.

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