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5 Faux Bob Tutorials

Bob hairstyles make an inseparable part of 2014 trend. If you desire to make changes in your hairstyle, but you are afraid of radical haircuts, you had better go for faux bobs.

You may try various styles of bob hairstyles. Make your faux bob either in a classy or in a messy style; create a retro bob or a modern one.

Here are 5 faux bob tutorials that will help you achieve the desired hairstyle look.

1.  Glamorous Faux Bob Hairstyle

To get this ultra glamorous faux bob hairstyle, have a look at this tutorial. It’s quite easy to create this look, as all you need is just curling your tresses. In case your hair is naturally curly, you will save time.

Curl your long tresses with a curling tool. Take small hair sections and roll them around your finger, until you get to your chin. Use bobby pins to secure your hair to your head. Do the same thing with your other hair sections. Make them of the same length and hold in place with pins. It will take you several minutes to get this fantastic wavy bob hairstyle.

2.    Faux Bob Hairstyle for Holiday

For this splendid look, you do not need any scissors. Make your hair glow, applying a hairspray. Then curl your long locks and again use a hairspray to hold the curls in place and provide your hair with texture. Divide your hair into three parts and create a loose braid. Tease your hair end with a comb. Finally, roll your hair up to create a faux bob. To make your hairstyle stay in place, apply bobby pins. In this way, you will turn your long tresses into an amazing bob hairstyle.

3.    Fantastic Faux Bob Hairstyle in a Retro Style

This tutorial is just for those girls who decide to create a faux bob for the first time. It is the easiest technique.

If your hair is straight, make them curly, using a curl enhancing hairspray. It will not allow the heat to damage your tresses. Before curling your locks, separate your hair into upper and lower parts and wear gloves in order not to burn yourself. Take your curling iron and work with each section. Then brush your curls and apply dry shampoo for extra texture.

Again, section your hair into two parts and tie the lower section loosely. Roll your hair and tuck under with pins. Create extra volume by separating your hair with your fingers. Then loosen the upper hair section and roll part-by-part, securing with bobby pins. Leave some hair out to soften your look. Finally, apply hairspray for a glowy finish.

4.    Amazing Faux Bob Hairstyle

For this hairstyle, you will need several bobby pins and styling products. After washing your hair, let your natural waves loose. Take the back part of your hair and after rolling it, adjust with pins. Make it stay in place, applying hairspray. Repeat the same action with the rest of your hair. For an amazing look, you may leave some hair out or just make it longer in comparison with your bob.

5.    Faux Bob Hairstyle Tutorial

Go for this tutorial, if you want to change your look completely. After washing your hair, make it dry with a blow dryer or just air dry it. Create a side section. Then divide both the right and the left sides into two parts. Then divide the back part of your hair into upper and lower parts. Make a low bun with the lower section. Curl each section and apply a volume enhancing spray. You may also use a primer. After curling, brush your hair for extra volume. Create a low ponytail. Use pins to hide your hair under the bun, thus creating a faux bob hairstyle. Finish your classy and pretty look with a hairspray.

Getting inspired by these 5 faux bob tutorials, create your new and interesting look without chopping your hair.


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