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What’s Your Dream Trip, and Why?

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If money and time were no object, where would you want to go and why? I love having the ‘lottery’ conversation with friends and family—what would you do if you won the lottery. Almost everyone’s list seems to include travel of some sort. But everyone’s ideal trip(s) are different. Some want to stay domestic while others want to see the world.

  • Some want to hike through Europe, with a recurring theme of walking the Camino De Santiago. If you are unfamiliar, it is a self-guided path of approximately 490 miles, and is often considered a pilgrimage or spiritual walk. There are hostels and stops along the way that cater to the hundreds of thousands who make the journey. If you walk at least 100 kilometers of the path, you will receive a certificate commemorating the accomplishment.
  • Or are you more interested in backpacking through Thailand? Some are intrigued by the jungles and elephant preserves, and the idea of being so completely out of their own element. From the food to the language barrier, it can be a truly unique experience.
  • My personal dream trip is actually a world cruise. These are usually about four months long, and can visit upwards of twenty-five foreign places. What an amazing way to see the world. Some would argue that you are not actually experiencing any of the local culture, but many stops include an overnight shore excursion. I love the idea of combining the luxury travel of a cruise ship with being able to explore places that I might not be able to visit otherwise.

I think that your dream trip tells quite a bit about you, your personality, and how you want to experience a new place.

What is your dream trip and why?

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