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What is Your Go-To Interview Outfit?

Business woman in corridor

Whether you’re currently in the market for a new job or a new opportunity at your current company, you should always have a go-to interview outfit cleaned and ready to wear.  If you work as a first grade teacher, that outfit is going to be dramatically different than if you work in a capital management firm.

Personally, most of my jobs have been in the corporate environment so that is my experience.  I have had some interesting ones though.  At one company, my second interview was a group interview over lunch.  Keep in mind, this second interview lunch was eating tacos off the ping-pong table.  At my first interview for that position, I arrived in my typical suit and was told that they do not have a ‘corporate’ environment.

But for the most part, my job interviews have including dressing in a black or grey suit with a colorful yet conservative shell underneath.  I prefer shades of blue or teal to offset my eyes and to not look too much like a penguin.

But as soon as I wear this suit anywhere (an interview, a meeting, a board of directors function), I make sure to get it cleaned and ready for the next wearing.  I usually wear the suit with black wedges because the height is more professional than flats, but the wedge style is comfortable in case I end up walking from a parking garage.

I’ve also found it much easier to skip carrying a bag.  I have a black portfolio that holds the job description, any instructive communications, and my resume.  I put my keys and lipstick in my suit jacket pocket and am ready to go.

What is your go-to interview outfit, and what sorts of jobs are you interviewing for?

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