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How to Dress for Different Body Shapes

Woman choosing a dress to wear

There are obviously millions of variations since there are millions of us, but there are several basic body shapes that we all fall into.  Once we determine what our basic shape is, we can learn to dress to accentuate the positive parts of us!  Let’s start with the basics on how to identify which body shape category you fall into.  The types can be called variations of these things, and are defined by the shoulder / waist / hip ratio.  Generally speaking, there are five basic shapes:

  • The Pear is characterized by a narrower upper body and a fuller lower body.
  • The Column is typically defined by little to no waist definition, with the shoulders and hips being equal.
  • The Apple is rounder in the middle than anywhere else.
  • The Hourglass has an equal balance of shoulders and hips with terrific waist definition.
  • The Strawberry is sort of the opposite of the Pear, and characterized by broad shoulders and narrow hips.

This may sound complicated, however, if you picture each item mentioned, it actually makes a lot of sense.  Do keep in mind that we can be a blend of shapes, and our bodies can change over time and through life events.

There is no one shape that is better than the others.  They all have their positive points.  For example, ‘apples’ typically have terrific slender legs.

We will take a look at what fashion styles and choices work best for each of these shapes.  This can include what shape of skirt, what handbag, and even what jewelry works best to accentuate that positive!  You can also create curves where you might not have them, or you can create emphasis on the slimmer parts.

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