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How to dress for a trip to the Pacific Northwest

Woman in jacket and beanie in the winter

While my family usually gathers in Colorado for holidays together, this year we are venturing to Seattle instead.  In my opinion, Colorado is relatively easy to dress for – it is going to be cold so bring lots of warm layers.  But Seattle is a little different.  It will be chillier than Dallas for sure, but not the stark cold of Colorado and certainly wetter.  That powdery snow in Denver can make it difficult to get around, but it brushes off from clothing relatively easy.

So how does one pack for wet and 40 degrees?

It seems that the trick is layers.  I certainly do not want to spend my week soaked through, but I also do not want to burn up every time I go indoors!

We are planning several outdoor activities in addition to spending time inside.  I think the major key here is layers that can easily be removed, plus a waterproof (or at least water resistant) outer layer.

I have packed several short sleeve tees and long sleeve tees to layer, plus two sweaters and two pairs of leggings.  I also plan to take a scarf that can provide a surprising amount of warmth, a pair of black tights in case I need an extra layer on the lower half, and my waterproof jacket with a hood.  (I have been told that only tourists carry umbrellas in Seattle.)  I am only taking two pairs of shoes, a pair of mid-calf black boots and a pair of black moccasins.  Oh, and gloves just in case!  I also plan to stick in several extra pairs of socks because cold wet feet can quickly ruin an entire outing with your loved ones.

Have I missed anything that you would take?

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