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Your wallet – one large one or several divided small ones?

Fashionable woman using her wallet

We have seen all kinds of wallets come out of all kinds of purses — giant wallets out of tiny purses and huge purses that are carrying a tiny wallet.  While I do not much care for clothing shopping, I do love a good purse and wallet browsing.

I am currently carrying a relatively small wallet that I bought through Etsy and have been loving it.  It is just large enough to hold dollar bills folded in half and several plastic cards.  There are two outside pockets that I use for insurance cards and business cards, and the main pocket zips closed so that I can carry coins as well.  I also carry a double-zip bag that holds makeup items in the larger part and gift cards in the smaller part.

Sometimes I think it would be easier to carry everything together in one larger wallet, but I really like the fact that my primary cards and cash fit into the little zipped pouch that then fits into my pocket neatly.  I really do not want to be one of those that carries a huge wallet plus a phone plus my keys plus…

I recently bought a new case for my cell phone that actually has a pocket on the back for cash or cards.  I was on an outing with friends last weekend, and stuck my license and my debit card in the pocket and left the rest of my wallet at home.  It was quite freeing although I do not think that I could do that on a daily basis.

So which do you prefer – the one large wallet for absolutely everything or the divided pouches so that you can decide what you need for any particular outing?

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