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Accessory Trends that Should Never Come Back

Every once in a while, some trends surface and stay for a few months before fading into nonexistence. Some resurface after a few years but don’t stay long either. Either way, some of these accessories are just so weird or far from fashionable which makes me feel like they should never come back! It would save a lot of people from looking weird and poorly dressed because of a trend which is actually outdated. Here are some of the accessories which I think should no longer resurface:

  • Shutter shades – These were originally released back in the 1950s and made a comeback a few years ago. Not only do they look like you’re wearing miniature blinds, the colors they come in are also far from desirable. There’s also the challenge of how to see properly while wearing them!
  • Wedge sneakers – Some look nice, others—not quite. Wedge sneakers have that old-school feel that’s a tad bit too old school for today’s fashion scene. It even looks weird when you really scrutinize it. Why not go for a nice pair of ankle booties instead
  • Large bling bling – It’s probably a fashion staple for rappers and those in the entertainment industry, but for those who aren’t, it doesn’t look as cool as it should. Too much shimmer and big pieces of charms are kind of too much, don’t you think?
  • Statement belt buckles – Remember those big belt buckles with words spelled out on them? Those huge belt buckles shouldn’t be given space inside your closets. Some even have rhinestones on them which loudly scream “take me back several decades” when you wear them.
  • Frosted pink lips – A makeup accessory faux pas, frosted pink lips are an outdated look to accessorize your overall ensemble with. They scream 80s and look like something that your mom wore when she was your age. Instead of going for frosted pink lipsticks, choose something like full-colored pinks or matte lipstick products.

If you want to avoid looking outdated, you may want to avoid having these pieces of accessories in your closet. This way, you can keep up with modern trends and not commit any major fashion faux pas!

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