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Best Celebrity Eyebrows

I used to have the bushiest brows ever but that all changed when I reached 8th grade and my bestie got her hands on a pair of tweezers. I wouldn’t say the results were horrible but they weren’t the best either. I kept the brows and did my best to maintain them but during my junior year, all that changed. I was getting ready for prom and the makeup artist totally changed my brows and with that, my life.

Eyebrows are often neglected but they are very important since they frame and balance the face. This whole brow business got me thinking about celebs and who had the best brows in the business. Below is my list and I am sure you will agree with my choices!

Female Eyebrows

Camilla Belle – It is my humble opinion that Camilla Belle has not just one of the best eyebrows in the business but also one of the prettiest faces in Hollywood. I really like how she has such strong eyebrows that balance the striking angles and planes of her face. She is living proof that strong eyebrows are an asset.

Lilly Collins – This young lady has extremely lush brows that give her face such character and strength. She shows us that brows do not need to be plucked within an inch of their lives to look well-groomed. Of course, she is lucky to have such fab brows in the first place.

Male Eyebrows

In Hollywood it isn’t just the ladies that groom their brows but the men too. Below are my favorite male celebrity eyebrows:

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – There is a reason he used to be called “The People’s Eyebrow” back during his wrestling days. While I am not sure if he does indeed groom his brows or not, they are quite splendid to look at.

Joe Jonas – His brows are just so lush and gorgeous! I think his eyebrows look well-groomed without looking too made-up and that still gives his face a more masculine air. No one wants to see a guy with thin, overly-groomed and plucked brows.

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