The 4 Most Common Beauty Personalities

Woman with colorful rainbow outfit

The fashion industry frequently comes up with new things to give us ideas on how we could change our look. Though we might try it from time to time, we always tend to go back to that “instinct” of ours that just feels right. We were often told that we should dress to impress, but what if what’s “in” today just doesn’t fit our personality? Do you consider yourself to have a classic, trendy, feminine, or an edgy beauty personality?

The 4 Most Common Beauty PersonalitiesClassic Personality. You believe in the saying that “less is more.” Makeup only exists to bring out a better version of you, and not to give you a total make-over. On casual days, you are fine with just a light eye shadow, some eyeliner or mascara to enhance your eyes, and a touch of pink lipstick to highlight your lips. During a girls’ night out, you’ll treat yourself with either a smokey eye or the perfect red matte lip.

The 4 Most Common Beauty Personalities 2Trendy Personality. You like everything in your wardrobe to have a dash of color. Whether it be fashion shows or magazines, you are always on the lookout for any fashion find that involves color. You make sure that you are the first one among your friends to try on the latest makeup or the latest color of nail polish.

The 4 Most Common Beauty Personalities 3Feminine Personality. You see to it that you stick with your feminine side. Floral dresses paired with a natural and innocent look is your thing. You are a young girl at heart and this can be seen by the abundance of light and pastel colors that usually makes up the most of your wardrobe and cosmetic kit.

The 4 Most Common Beauty Personalities 4Edgy Personality. No other celebrity can better fit this category more than Nicki Minaj. You believe that more is more, and you prove your point by taking it out on your wardrobe or in the way you apply your makeup. Whenever you feel like it, you pop in a bold eye shadow and some neon-colored lipstick. You even layer your mascara to the point where you’ve lost count. You are the type of person who makes people stare twice because your fashion sense is so eye-catching.

So which among these beauty personalities do you belong to?

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