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Top UK Makeup Brands

UK makeup brands are known for their high quality and great coverage, but do you know which ones are the best? Here are some of my personal recommendations and if you’re like me who always want to look her best, these will fit you perfectly too:

The Body Shop – Makeup from The Body Shop always leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized. They have some good shades of matte lipstick that go along with their lip liners. I personally like this brand because aside from makeups they also offer other beauty products for the body. Their makeup remover also feels great on my skin.

Elemis – I’ve tried the anti-ageing products available from this brand and the use of natural active ingredients captivated me. I felt like I went to the spa even though I just slathered their pro-collagen cream on my face.

No7 – This makeup brand is well-known for their skincare range. I’ve tried the Lift and Luminate Day and Night serum, which has significantly lessened my age spots. It also apparently protects the skin from signs of aging and considering how much I love my face right now, I must say it works.

Lulu’s Time Bomb – I really recommend the anti-ageing skincare products from this brand. It’s not just because I love the British star Lulu. It’s more because the products really do help me maintain younger-looking skin even without a lot of makeup to use. There are simply no signs of wrinkles and age spots on my face.

Crystal Clear – I must admit I was a skeptic at the use of eye pens when they were first introduced. But when I tried Crystal Clear Eye Pen, which stimulates collagen and elastin to help improve the composition of my skin, I was simply blown away. I use it now regularly to keep my eyes looking young and fresh.

Trying various UK makeup brands was fun, even though I must also admit that it was quite expensive. But I’m glad that I tried them and I’m even happier now that I’ve found the ones that are perfect for me. Using them on my face and seeing the immediate effects is the most rewarding thing!

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