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Nude Lips Beauty Trend You’ll Definitely Love

Well, if you are a fashionista, who always dedicates some time to explore the news in fashion world then you’ve probably heard about one of the most popular beauty trends for 2014: the new trend of wearing nude lips. This new beauty trend is something that many of our beloved celebs were already captured showing off which is why we decided to officially announce about the beauty trend of nude lips!

One of the best things about wearing nude lips is that it can work the best in both cases, whether you want to create a casual or occasional look, which speaks about the versatility of this new beauty trend. However, if you can’t imagine wearing nude lips for a formal event simply take a look at the appearances of some of our most beloved stars such as Sarah Hyland at the premier of “Hunger Games”, Olivia Wilde at the premiere of «Her», Sandra Bullock at People’s Choice Awards and let their gorgeous appearances become your main source of inspiration to rock the new beauty trend!

What we would like to especially focus your attention on, is the fact that none of the stunning celebs is betting on contrast by putting the main emphasis on eyes, but the exact opposite most of them seem to prefer combining the new beauty trend of wearing nude lips with a more soft makeup style that perfectly shows off the uniqueness of feminine beauty and creates an charming allure.

Thus, the only thing that’s left to say is that among the bold colors and eye-catching makeup styles that we were getting used to this new trend of nude lips is a simple way to create a gorgeous, alluring look So, don’t even give it a second thought as once you try it you’ll get obsessed with it!

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