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5 Natural Teeth Whiteners to Try at Home

Showing your white teeth is pleasant while smiling. Very often, you don’t dare to smile, because your teeth are yellow. There are certain foods, which may whiten your teeth or make them yellow. Coffee and red wine are among the worst things for your teeth. Thus, if you want to have pearly teeth like many celebrities, have a look at these 5 natural teeth whiteners to try at home.

1.  Whiten Your Teeth with Kale

A famous dentist, Marc Lowenberg recommends trying kale at home as a natural teeth whitener. Kale has a cleaning feature. You just need to chew it and it will make the stains disappear, providing you with white teeth.

2.  Whiten Your Teeth with Cheese

Stay away from sweets and use cheese for dessert. It is high in calcium and protein, which may brighten your teeth. Cheddar is the most recommendable type of cheese, as it has a buffering feature. You may easily try it at home and get white teeth naturally.

3.  Whiten Your Teeth with Strawberry

Though you may feel discomfort, finding seeds of strawberry in your mouth, your beautiful smile will compensate it. Strawberries are one of the natural teeth whiteners, as they are rich in Vitamin C and astringent. The latter will help get rid of surface stains. Vitamin C will serve as a teeth whitener.

4.  Whiten Your Teeth with Apple Cider Vinegar

Lowenberg recommends cleaning your teeth with a whitening paste, made of apple cider vinegar and baking soda. It will not cause harm to the enamel of your teeth. However, it is great against tartar deposits and stains. You may also add a little hydrogen peroxide to the paste to whiten your teeth.

5.  Whiten Your Teeth with Peels of Orange and Banana

Think a little before throwing the peels of orange and banana. They are great, if you want to have healthy and white teeth. Apply the peels on your teeth and after 10 minutes, use your regular toothpaste. The orange peel is high in limonene, which has a purifying feature. While banana peels are rich in magnesium and potassium, which will brighten your teeth and make the stains disappear. Besides, peels of banana are high in Vitamin D and calcium, which have a strengthening character.

Thus, try these natural teeth whiteners and enjoy your pearly teeth and lovely smile.

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