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Makeup Tips to Hide a Double Chin

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There are various reasons of having double chin. You may sleep in a bad position or you may just inherit it. However, you shouldn’t get upset, as there are several makeup tips, which will cover the double chin. Besides, these makeup tips are quite effortless and you can do it yourself, without attending salons.

Tips to Hide a Double Chin

Contouring for Covering Your Double Chin

This makeup tip is high for covering the double chin. You are recommended going for a darker tone to make your double chin look smaller. While contouring your double chin, you should opt for a foundation, which goes with the tone of your skin and begin mixing. Then, you should take another foundation, which is darker in two tones. Contour your chin and jaw, using this product with a foundation brush or with your fingers.

Bronzer for Covering Your Double Chin

This makeup tip is another solution for covering your double chin. You should go for a matte bronzer. You should highlight your neckline by using bronzer in order to make your chin less noticeable. For a natural look, you may apply this bronzer tone on your neck, as well. Your cheeks may also be contoured in the same tone.

Nude Lips for Covering Your Double Chin

As for your lips, you are recommended applying neutral tones. Consider that lipsticks in bright tones will highlight your double chin. The first thing you should do is using a lip balm with a hydrating feature and then go for a nude or glossy lipstick. You may also line your lips for a final look. Your lip liner should completely go with the tone of your lips.

Eye Makeup for Covering Your Double Chin

You may divert the full attention from your double chin by using highlighting your eyes. Apply right makeup on your eyes. You may either go for smoky eye makeup or use neutral tones. For a final look, apply black mascara on your lashes.

Get inspired by the best makeup tips to hide your double chin. 

Tips to Hide a Double Chin

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