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How to Get Thicker Brows Easily

Thick brows still remain in the top charts of the most popular beauty trends and whether you were born having perfectly shaped thick brows or not, you may need to use some powders and pencils to get the ideal shape. Besides, brows play a big role for the entire look, as they perfectly shape your face so it is very important to take special care of them and make sure they look flawless. Of course, due to new beauty trends the thicker your brows are the better you look so if you happen to have thin, over-traced brows then it is the right time to change their shape and go for fuller, well-shaped brows. Thus, take a look at few easy steps presented below and find out how to make your brows look thicker!

First of all make sure your brows are clean and dry. Once you’ve checked place a brush in the same line with your nose and see from where your brows should start. Later on angle the brush from the lower part of your nose to see whether your brows end in the outer corner of your eyes as needed. Next, brush up and fill in the needed areas using a pencil of the same color as your brows, you can also use a powder of the same color and brush again for more definition. Lastly, simply comb through the brows with a colored gel and clean the edges using a translucent brush.

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