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Makeup Mistakes to Avoid Before a Big Date

Getting ready for a date is one of the hardest tasks for each lady, as it means putting much effort to look flawless. In fact, there is always the concern of not creating an overwhelming look. Thus, considering some common makeup mistakes that usually are distinguished on a date look, we decided to present to you few makeup mistakes that you need to avoid before a big date. So, take a look!


Ok, my dears always remember the philosophy of less is more works the best even when it comes to makeup styles. So, try to avoid creating dramatic looks and to do so pay special attention on how you apply your eyeliner.


Well, we all know that most of women can’t even imagine their date look without a red or pink lipstick. In fact that’s explainable as these girly hints are considered as the most attractive. However there is always a risk of having it gravitating towards your teeth and having an awkward moment. Thus, to avoid such cases make sure you stick with a product of high quality that guarantees long lasting effects.


Girls, please test your concealer before buying because there is nothing worse than appearing on a date with two distracting big white eye bags.


Another thing that we would like to focus your attention on is the tone of foundation that you usually apply. Always remember, guys like when girls look naturally beautiful so even when it comes to applying a liquid foundation you have to make sure you don’t go for too many layers and you stick with the right tone for your skin type.


Another thing that may concern most of you is the possibility of ending up clumping your eyelashes. Well, there are two main reasons that can cause such results: using old mascara that has dried out or rushing while layering. Now if you have old mascara there is no need to panic as you can easily secure yourself from a ruined date look by simply dunking your mascara in hot water for couple minutes.

Lip Liner

Considering that applying lip liner usually is the one and only way to prevent your lipstick from being ruined during the entire day we don’t restrict the use of it but we suggest you to use one that is the same color as your lips or lipstick in order to blend it.

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