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Lazy Girl Makeup Tips and Ideas

For a beautiful makeup look, you should create your special makeup routine. If you are short of time or don’t want to spend much time on your makeup, these lazy girl makeup tips and ideas will greatly help you. Save your time and spend less effort on your morning makeup. Consider these lazy girl makeup tips and ideas and spend more time in bed.

Apply Moisturizer before Sleeping

If you are lazy to apply foundation in the morning, you had better use moisturizer before sleeping. After waking up, you may apply only a tinted moisturizing product or opt for BB cream. These products can easily replace any foundation, as they are also high in sunscreen and give your skin a perfect coverage. Only opt for the right tone to create an ideal finish.

One of the lazy girl makeup ideas is replacing your mascara with a lash-curling tool and choosing a cream blush, which may be applied both on your eyes and on your lips.

Apply Fingers Instead of Brushes

You may lose much time, looking for brushes to apply each product. You may easily go for your fingers instead of brushes. Your makeup will look more natural, as you will feel how much product you apply on your face.

Create Your Eye Makeup First

Here is another lazy girl makeup idea you should know about. If you have decided to create a heavy makeup on your eyes, you had better do it before going for concealer or spreading foundation on your face. It will give you a chance to create a fantastic eye makeup without spoiling your face makeup.

Apply Bold Lipstick

If you are lazy enough to go for a heavy makeup, you may take into account this lazy girl makeup tip. Apply a bold lipstick and team it with black mascara. Create astounding lips with a bold lipstick color.

Apply Chubby Type of Eye Pencils

Creating a smoky eye makeup with eyeliner is a bit difficult and it will take you much time. The same is with the cat eye makeup. There is a great lazy girl makeup idea, which will save your time. Just take a chubby type of eye pencil and you will create your desired eye makeup in a minute.

Use Manicure Strips

Using manicure strips, you will make your nails look beautiful. Besides, you will spend little time both while applying stripes and while removing them. Moreover, you may go for any shade. Thus, manicure stripes are one of the best lazy girl makeup tips and ideas.

Apply Stick-on Eyeliner

In case you find that the chunky type of eye pencil takes you a little effort, you may trust on the stick-on eyeliners. They are quite easy to apply and the result is amazing. You may purchase them from many stores.

Use Wipes

Using wipes is another lazy girl makeup idea. There are fabulous wipes, which will remove your makeup and purify your skin.

Thus, cut your time in the morning, opting for these lazy girl makeup tips and ideas. 

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