How to Wear Capri Pants Right

Woman in print capri pants

Capris are pants, reaching your calves. Thus, you may feel some discomfort while wearing them; especially if you are petite. Even in case of perfect curves and ideal height, you should know the right way of wearing Capri pants.

Consider the shape of your body and your personal style and wear Capri pants, which suit you best.

How to Wear Capri Pants Right

Choose the Best Capri Pants

To wear Capri pants right, you should first find out your leg’s thin part. The hem of your Capri should reach that part of your leg, if you want your legs to look longer. If you are a small woman, you had better pull off under-knee capris. In case you are tall enough, you should choose under-calf Capri pants. To make your legs longer, you should opt for high-waist pants.

Choose Slim Types of Capris

Here is another tip to wear Capri pants right. Find out the right leg width for you. If you are not tall enough, you are recommended pulling off thin types of capris with a little leg width. Change capris until you find the best suiting for you.

Wear Capri Pants in Nude Tones

It is true that black pants make you look slimmer, but nude-toned capris are the best choice, as your legs will have a longer look. Choose Capri pants in beige or brown shades and match them with your skin tone.

How to Wear Capri Pants Right

Consider the Proportions

If you are looking for the right way of wearing Capri pants, you should consider your proportions. You may opt for short or long tops for ideal proportions.

To highlight your waist, wear a Capri with a high waist and put your top under it. If you have curves, you may wear a hip reaching tops.

Consider the Type of Your Body    

Considering the type of your body is very essential, if you want to wear Capri pants right. If you are thin, you had better opt for capris, which have pockets. They will provide you with curves and widen your hips.

How to Wear Capri Pants Right

No Cuffs on Your Capri Pants

If your legs are super long, the cuffs will shorten them. However, you should avoid choosing Capri pants, having cuffs, as they won’t flatter your body. They don’t look great with denim and even with capris in a nude color.

No Pleats

Avoid creating width, adding pleats on your Capri pants. Make the front part flat and it will be one of the best ways of wearing Capri pants right.

How to Wear Capri Pants Right

Best Tops with Capris

Tunics will look fabulous with Capri pants. Short dresses are also fantastic, while pairing with capris. For a stylish look, you may pull off a long top with thin capris. The other pretty option you may pair with Capri prints is a crop top. Choose tops in brighter tones to look gorgeous. In case of long tops, you had better wear blazers.

Right Shoes with Capris

High heels are fabulous with Capri pants, as they will give length to your legs. You may also opt for wedges and match them with your Capri pants. Peep toes are also considered a great choice. Avoid wearing short heels and flats with your capris.

Consider these tips and you will learn how to wear Capri pants right. You will feel in the latest trend in your stylish Capri pants.

How to Wear Capri Pants Right

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