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Best Makeup Gurus on YouTube

I adore makeup and I just can’t get enough of it! I have a drawer filled to the brim with makeup that I love and ones that I have yet to try. I also spend a couple of hours a week just watching or reading makeup tutorials, trying to see if I can copy what they do. That said, I have now come to realize that some YouTube makeup artists are better than others and I have compiled a list of the ones I love the most. What I like about these makeup artists is that they make learning new looks fun and easy. They really get down to the meat of the matter and they never get too technical. I think I must have saved thousands of dollars learning makeup from them as well as having a look at their product reviews. I have lots of people on my list but I have rounded it up to feature the ones I love the most!

Wayne Goss – Yes, I know, he is a guy but believe me when I tell you that this is one man who knows his way around how to make a woman look good using the magic of makeup and the right techniques. In his website, he states that he was self-taught and that he did get formal training later on. Aside from loving his lessons, he is quite easy on the eyes.

Sineady Cady – She is the lovely lady behind the YouTube channel The Makeup Chair. She taught me how to make the quickest smokey eye using only one type of makeup and I always use this technique whenever I am pressed for time. She is so pretty and has the sweetest accent which means I can spend hours and hours surfing on her channel.

Nicola and Samantha Chapman – Every time I see these women do makeup on their Pixiwoo channel, I get the urge to break out my brushes and just apply makeup even if I have nowhere to go. They have mad makeup skills and I adore them. They also came up with their own brand of makeup brushes called Real Techniques, which has reached cult status in the beauty blogging world

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