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A Blush by Any Other Name

Woman applying blush to cheeks

With a smooth complexion and concealed imperfections, we are ready for a touch of color in our cheeks!  As it seems to be with almost all products nowadays, there are multiple formulations for blush as well — silky powders, liquid stains, creamy sticks and pencils, even spray-on mists.  (Personally, I would probably avoid the spray-on mist because, with my luck, I’d end up either completely pink all over, or I’d have two perfect round clown spots on my cheeks.)

  • The powder blush has been around for so long that it seems rather self-explanatory.  You can find pressed or loose powders in every shade imaginable and some you never dreamed of!
  • Personally, since I’m always on the look-out for double-duty products, I love the idea behind the Nudestix Lip + Cheek Pencil.  They are available in a variety of soft beautiful neutral shades, and even come with a pencil sharpener.
  • A liquid stain is a great choice for oilier skin or for an all-day gal.  Be forewarned, most of these truly are liquids so apply lightly and blend quickly because it’s there to stay!  My favorite is the cult product Benefit Cosmetics Benetint.  On the weekends when I’m having a good skin day, I love to wear just this and my tinted moisturizer.  It works on lips too!
  • Just remember — if you are warm-toned, choose more of the coral tones and if you are cool-toned, stick more with the pinks.  That said, there are a few options out there that seem to work for almost everyone.  The most notable universal blush is NARS Blush in Orgasm.  It seems to add that perfect peachy glow to almost any skin tone.

With your face and cheeks aglow, are you ready to define those eyes?

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