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How to Choose the Best Brunette Hair Color

If you are to change your hair color and hesitate about the color choice, these best brunette hair color tips will be a real and proper help for you! To choose between the honey brown, chocolate and classic brunette may become really complicated! They are not so different and finding the best match among them makes a confusion! Well, with us, you will surely find all the answers! So, we go on!

Mind Haircut

When dying your hair brown, you should mind your haircut! It may seem that haircut has nothing to do with the dying itself, but believe, if you have long hair brown looks fully dyed just amazing, but if you hair is shorter and layered you’d better go for a bit lighter shade at the ends!

Make Your Choice

If you really want to be a trendy brunette you should take into consideration that now the hairdo specialists advise to go for full dark brunette or just quite a light one! This way you are guaranteed to be pretty fashionable and beautiful.

Home-Done Mistake

The most common mistake that girls do when dying hair brown at home is in its result. The hair obtains some kind of orange shade. To avoid this you just need to buy brown and golden colors and mix them together! This simple step will make a huge difference!

Risky Black

If you have decided to go for black from your brown, there is a risk that you will have a blue shade that is so common! Remember an important thing, this mistake is done just once, and there is no way back to your previous hair shade! So, consult  a professional hairstylist before going for such a dark color!

Managed to figure it out? We’re sure you did! Don’t be afraid to try this shade, be even more beautiful with the use of these best brunette hair color tips!

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