Healthy Weight Loss Shakes for Women

By on November 8, 2013
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There exist a great number of weight loss shakes, which will help you lose weight. These shakes will provide you with a healthy body. You may either go for special diets and eat healthy foods or create your workout plan to lose extra calories. Below we present healthy weight loss shakes, which will not make you go for restrictions. You will get all the healthy vitamins and at the same time, you will be able to get rid of the extra calories.

Healthy Weight Loss Shakes for Women

It is nearly impossible to have all the meals during the day, that’s why we suggest substituting them with shakes, which will help you lose pounds. They will make you forget about eating any food during the day. Besides, these delicious snakes give you an opportunity to taste them even while being at work or in the street.

Consider that we distinguish between meal substituting shakes and protein shakes. They are quite different. The first shake is for losing pounds, which will replace the low calorie meal, giving you all the essential vitamins. These shakes are also high in proteins and contain 200-400 calories. The second one lacks carbs and fats. Therefore, we can’t consider them as a substitution for a meal.

Healthy Recipes for Losing Weight

To gain extra energy and feel full during the whole day, you are recommended having the following weight losing drinks.

Healthy Protein Shake with Banana

To make this weight loss shake, you should take banana (1), orange juice in a squeezed form (12-16 ounces), egg white, vanilla (2 scoops), milk, protein powder, flaxseed (1 tablespoon) and Greek yoghurt (1/4 cup). Mix them in a blender for half a minute.

Healthy Shake with Brandy and Berry

Taste this delicious and low calorie shake (182 calories) and burn extra calories. Just take vanilla, ice-cream, berries (blueberries, blackberries and strawberries), milk and brandy. Then blend them together to get this fabulous weight loss shake.

Healthy Weight Loss Shakes for Women

Healthy Weight Loss Shake: Tropical Breeze

This protein shake has a special flavor, which makes everyone taste it. It is magical for losing excess calories. Take vanilla (1 scoop), protein powder, splintered coconut (1 teaspoon), pineapple in a frozen form (1 cup), almond milk (1 cup) and blueberries in a frozen form (1/2 cup). Mix them well in a blender for half a minute and enjoy.

Healthy Shake with Pumpkin

Here is another splendid weight loss shake worth tasting. Pumpkin pie is the best shake for fall. Moreover, it’s low calorie (only 198 calories). For this shake, you will need vanilla, ice–cream, sugar, spice of pumpkin pie, pumpkin and milk.

Healthy Green Pina Colada Protein Shake

To lose pounds and be healthy, you should go for this splendid shake. Just have at your hand banana in a frozen form (1), mango in a frozen form (1/2 cup), coconut oil (1 tablespoon), protein (1 scoop), pineapple in a frozen form (1/2 cup) and spinach. Mix them well and enjoy its great taste.

Feed your body with healthy weight loss shakes.

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