10 Half-Up Hairstyles for Women

By on January 16, 2014
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Looking for some inspiring ideas that will motivate you to experiment with various beauty trends? Well, how about checking our list of the most gorgeous half-up hairstyles before making any decision? Excited to see, well here we go!

Sided Parted, Pinned Up

What we love about this hairstyle is that it’s not exactly pinned up but it creates the effect of a half-up hairstyle. In fact this cute hairstyle not only is easy to do but also easy to maintain which is something that you have to consider before sticking with any hairstyle.

10 Half-Up Hairstyles for Women

Half-Up with Height

A cute style that can work the best especially with formal looks! To achieve this gorgeous style all you have to do is tease your hair on the crown and push a little bit up before pinning.

10 Half-Up Hairstyles for Women


The easiest way to add a chic touch to the entire look! All you have to do is grab a section from below the ear, twist and pull it to the nape of neck.

10 Half-Up Hairstyles for Women

Side-Swept for a Bob

Now, if you have a medium length bob yet you want to experiment the side-swept style you can easily achieve the desired results by only adding few texturizing waves to your hair.

10 Half-Up Hairstyles for Women

Pinned on the Sides

Basically this is a more occasional approach of the side-parted hairstyle mentioned above and what makes it differ from the one that we mentioned previously is that this style requires curls.

10 Half-Up Hairstyles for Women

Styled with a Fancy Headband

You can easily add as much of volume as needed and style your hair with a fancy headband and achieve a glamorous look that will make you steal the spotlight! Cool, isn’t it?

10 Half-Up Hairstyles for Women

Messy Half-Up

The best option to go for if you are looking for versatility!

10 Half-Up Hairstyles for Women

Voluminous Half-Up

Another interesting look can be created by simply adding extra volume to the rest of the hair that’s not pinned up. This way you’ll create a contrasting effect that will transform your style from regular to a high fashion one.

10 Half-Up Hairstyles for Women


Loose waves, middle parted hair and front sections pinned on the back loosely, the perfect way to create a boho inspired hairstyle that can look gorgeous on you whether you’re dressed up or dressed down!

10 Half-Up Hairstyles for Women

Messy Half-Up with Bangs

The best hairstyle to stick with if you want to show off a modern approach of the soft, romantic style! In fact, to reach perfection we suggest you to combine this gorgeous half-up with a soft makeup style that will perfectly emphasize your natural feminine beauty.

10 Half-Up Hairstyles for Women

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