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Product Review: Philosophy The Microdelivery Daily Exfoliating Wash

Philosophy The Microdelivery Daily Exfoliating Wash

Philosophy’s The Microdelivery Daily Exfoliating Wash is one of my favorite physical scrubs ever. And believe me; I’ve tried a lot of them!

I think it is gentle enough for daily use, although I do not exfoliate on a daily basis. I usually use it every other day or so, when it is in my shower. You can definitely feel the diatomaceous earth granules when you wash but I do not feel that it is too harsh. My skin always feels super-smooth and soft afterwards. One of the best features is that it rinses clean. I have tried several other scrub products that always seem to leave some sort of film behind which in my mind defeats the purpose of exfoliating. It just leaves my skin comfortable and ready for moisturizer.

The product lathers slightly with water, but I would not use it strictly as a regular cleanser. I prefer cleansers that remove makeup including eye makeup, and we do not really want to exfoliate the eye area too much. That skin is already thin and delicate enough without using exfoliation products such as a scrub or a peel.

I feel that after using this, my treatments and serums and moisturizers seem to absorb that much better which just reiterates the importance of good exfoliation. It does give my skin a slight glow or radiance but has never irritated my skin or left it reddened.

Overall, this scrub is part of the Microdelivery collection which includes several other peel products as well. If you are looking for something a little more potent, do take a look at the Microdelivery In-Home Vitamin C Peptide Peel. It is an excellent weekly two-step booster peel that leaves your skin unbelievably soft and smooth.

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