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Model Skin Care Tips You Might Want to Try

Top models have always amazed us with their gorgeous skins. They make their skin care tips known to everybody. Here are the best of them you might want to try.

Anais Pouliot’s Skin Care Tips

She applies a brandy eye cream for her skin care. It has not only a pleasant smell, but it is also high in plant substances. It means that your skin will soak natural products. Anais Pouliot recommends using argan oil on your skin, while going to sleep. In the morning, your skin will be soft and subtle.

Jourdan Dunn’s Skin Care Tips

If you desire to have Jourdan Dunn’s perfect skin, you should consider her skin care tip. She goes for a moisturizing product and purifying milk. You may also opt for facial masks, as they are magical for your skin. It will glow as never before. These masks also help you to get rid of tiredness and look fresh. Jourdan Dunn wears it 8 times a month.

Ruby Aldridge’s Skin Care Tips

Ruby Aldridge’s skin care tip is recommendable for each woman. She opts for acne cleansers and special moisturizing products, which do not contain oil. You are also advised to try a toner made with cucumber. For a clean skin, Ruby Aldridge recommends applying spot cream.

Lakshmi Menon’s Skin Care Tips

Lakshmi Menon does the most important things for her skin. She purifies and moisturizes her skin, using much water. She uses a day cream, which does not contain chemical products. Instead, Lakshmi Menon advises to go for organic substances. The purifying milk and cream are also fabulous for your skin care.

Ginta Lapina’s Skin Care Tips

She recommends using moisturizing oil for your face from the brand Suki. You should just gently massage your skin with this product. Eye creams are also fantastic for a gorgeous skin. Once you try them, you may get in love with them forever.

Nyasha Matonhodze’s Skin Care Tips

Nyasha Matonhodze wears little product on her face. She tries soap, and cocoa powder. One of her best recommendation is always removing your makeup before sleeping. Cocoa butter is just splendid for her skin, besides, it has a pleasant smell. It sits on the face lightly, giving softness and glow.

Arizona Muse’s Skin Care Tips

While taking care of your skin, you may get inspired by the famous model’s Arizona Muse’s skin care tip. She is proud of her skin due to the essential oil she applies on her skin.

Josephine Skriver’s Skin Care Tips

To clean her makeup, Josephine Skriver applies cleanser made with carrot and butter. It has a moisturizing effect and cleans all types of mascara. You may apply it both in the morning and in the evening. Then, Josephine Skriver recommends having much water, as it will provide your skin with hydration.

Liu Wen’s Skin Care Tips

To have a fresh and glowy face like Liu Wen, you might like to try her moisturizers. Serums will also be great for your skin care.

Lara Mullen’s Skin Care Tips

For an ideal skin, apply moisturizer, which is enlarged with Vitamin C. It is perfect in case of a dry skin.

So, include this essential skin care tips in your beauty routine and take all their benefits.

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