DIY Face Mask Recipes

Young woman with honeycomb

DIY Face Mask with Cucumber, Egg White, Clay and Lemon

To purify the pores of your face, you should go for this fabulous DIY face mask. Take egg white (1 tablespoon), clay (1/2 teaspoon), juice of lemon (few drops) and cucumber (1). After blending them in a blender, spread it on your face and let it stay for 20 minutes. At the end, wash your face, using lukewarm water.

DIY Face Mask with Strawberry and Yoghurt

Yoghurt is great for those types of skin, which are prone to acne. It will provide your skin with exfoliation. All you need for this face mask are strawberries (4 ripe), and yogurt (1 teaspoon). After washing the strawberries, bang them up. Blend it with yogurt and make a paste. After spreading it on your face, wait for 15 minutes and then wash.  

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