Bionyx Collection Review

Bionyx Platinum Vita Night Recovery serum

When I first heard about Bionyx, I didn’t know what to expect. But since I am always excited to try new products, I was enthusiastic about this new brand I just came across. I went to the Bionyx website, and was really impressed with everything. I found their concept to be very exciting. The first thing that struck me was the use of platinum in each skin care product. I have heard of precious metals being used in skin care, so it didn’t come across as a surprise. But it did set the bar high. After all, if you use something like platinum, you need to do justice to the product.

I wasn’t sure about what benefits platinum could offer to the skin, so I did some research of my own. Turns out that platinum has natural antioxidant properties which can restore the skin’s balance, and can also help in boosting the skin’s hydration and elasticity. In other words, if you’re looking for anti-aging solutions, you’ve got to check this one out. And using platinum wasn’t the end of it. I also saw that they used ingredients such as DMAE, collagen, vitamin A and palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 in their products. I have come across most of these ingredients in various skin care brands, and I know that they pack a punch.

The products look really pretty in those fancy jars. Just check the picture out. I was particularly impressed by the mask. It heats up when it touches the skin, and this gave me some really pleasing and refreshing sensations. I literally felt like a princess after putting the mask on. After the mask, I applied the redefining serum. I needed just 2 pumps of the product and it was enough to cover up the entire face area. Again, very beautiful, but not sure if it can benefit the skin. Sure, the skin looked smoother, but I wouldn’t come to know until later, would I? Finally, I completed my skin care regimen by applying the Vita Night Recovery. After so much product application, I knew I had to go to sleep, because any evident benefits would only be seen the next morning.

The first thing that I did after waking up was to run towards my dressing table. I have a big mirror which lets me examine myself in great details and the image it put in front of my eyes that particular morning was something that I am not likely to forget in a hurry. I could actually see a huge difference in the way my skin looked after a single use of three Bionyx products. The face felt fuller and it also had a radiant glow to it, something that is a rarity in my particular case.

This inspired me to keep using the products, and after two weeks of product usage, things are even better. I used the mask two times, and the serum and night cream on a daily basis. I must say that the results have been very consistent. I felt better when I used the mask, but that was expected. Overall, the texture of my skin has visibly improved and I am noticing a slight reduction in my fine lines as well.

I am happy to say that Bionyx doesn’t just sit pretty, it delivers on its promises and does what it is expected to do. Using these products made me realize what I was missing all this while, and even though I don’t have serious wrinkling issues as yet, it’s always better to be safe and start off early.

Bionyx Collection Review
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