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Best 2014 Travel Spots

One thing is for sure, that it’s never too soon to start planning summer vacations! Moreover, why not use the whole excitement for summer season as a big motive that will brighten up cold, winter days when there is a chance to do so! Thus, don’t waste a minute, start exploring the best travel spots for 2014 and plan you summer vacation from now!

Best Travel Spots of 2014: Brazil

The best place to go if you are looking forward to experience the real festive events that you’ve been watching on the TV! Moreover, the perfect climate and the exotic beauty of the country are just few components of the magic that you’ll experience visiting Brazil.

Best Travel Spots of 2014: Cuba

For those of you who are getting easily tired from the whole travelling process we suggest visiting the magical paradise of Cuba.  The wild nature of this country will not only inspire you but also help you to relax and enjoy your vacations better than you expected to do!

Best Travel Spots of 2014: Malawi

Explore the African wild beauty by visiting one of the most beautiful places on this earth: Malawi. This miraculous place will change your perception of what we call beautiful and make you feel as close to the nature as possible which is what exactly is expected from vacations.

Best Travel Spots of 2014:  Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

To be more concrete we suggest you to visit the capital, Skopje as it among the best cities to explore if you are looking for more than just enjoying the wild beauty of the nature.  From the first day you’ll see how being close to Greece the rich culture of this country has been under the influence of the cultures of Balkan countries.

Best Travel Spots of 2014:  Malaysia

Malaysia has been developing its touristic attractions for a long time and still keeps the hard work which is more than enough to be already interested in this country. In fact this is a country that has an offer for each vacation style preference as not only has the best options for hiking but also has great cultural and historical centers for those of you who want to not only rest but also learn.

Best Travel Spots of 2014:  Scotland

Having a rich history Scotland also appears to be in the list of the best vacation spots for 2014. There are so many things to see in Scotland including museums, country sides and castles! Moreover, thanks to the great trails of the country you’ll get the chance to admire the beauty of Scotland while traveling across the county!

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