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Four Ways to Make It A Great Road Trip

Friends on roadtrip

While airplane travel gets you there quickly, there is something to be said for road trips, especially with the right companions. My best friend and I do road trips very well together, but then again we have been doing it in one way or another for over twenty-five years. We have learned how to travel together, what works and what doesn’t, and we respect both the conversation and the silence. Here is a quick guide that we put together on the top four tips to making fourteen hours pass like silk;

Snacks and Drinks
Unless you plan on stopping frequently, bringing snacks and drinks with you is important. But you also have to pack smartly. No matter who you are traveling with, make sure to take a mix of healthy and not-so-healthy as well as a mix of salty and sweet. In the cooler, do include plenty of water but also pack other favorites such as sodas or flavoring packets.

Packing List
In addition to the food and drinks, there are also other items that are very handy to bring. A roll each of paper towels and toilet paper cannot be emphasized enough. Grocery sacks come in very handy for dirty shoes, trash, and whatever else might happen.

While endless hours of conversation can be good, the whole car can benefit from other forms of entertainment as well. One of my aunts reads books out loud while my uncle drives. My best friend and I tend to sing loudly to show tunes. Many cars nowadays come equipped with DVD players (which only works for backseat riders please).

Breaking It Up
Make sure to spell the driver and break the trip into multiple days if necessary.

Drive safely!

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