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Low Calorie Cocktail Recipes to Chill Out

Most beverages are high in calories, which may cause extra weight. You may go for low calorie cocktail recipes to chill out without gaining extra calories. Here are some low calorie cocktail recipes with a delicious flavor and relaxing feature. Enjoy them in any weather.

1.  Low Caloric Cocktail Recipe: Skinny Girl Sea Breeze

This cocktail is a fantastic option, if you look for a low calorie beverage. It contains 102 calories. To make this delicious low calorie cocktail, you should take Skinny Girl Vodka (1 ¾ ounces), juice of cranberry (3 ounces), juice of grapefruit (1 ounce) and slice of grapefruit (1). Fill the glass with ice and add vodka and juice of cranberry. Stir a little and then pour the juice of grapefruit. Embellish your cocktail with a slice of grapefruit.

2.  Low Caloric Cocktail Recipe: Pina Colada

You may prepare a delicious cocktail, using pina colada. It is low caloric (165 calories) and it refreshes in summer. For this recipe, you will need rum with coconut flavor (1 ½ ounces), juice of pineapple (3 ounces), water (4 ounces), and Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut Lite (1 tablespoon). Add ice cubes and stir.

3.  Low Caloric Cocktail Recipe: Cocktail with Raspberry

Here is another low calorie cocktail recipe to chill out. It contains 115 calories. The secret of its great taste is adding lots of ice. For this splendid cocktail, you should have vodka (1 ½ ounces), Minute Maid Light Raspberry Passion (8 ounces), ice (4-5 cubes) and of course raspberries (3-4) to decorate your cocktail. Blend them and serve.

4.  Low Caloric Cocktail Recipe: Skinny Iced Tea

This fantastic cocktail is low caloric (70 calories) and has a magical taste. If you are fond of sweet tea, you may go for this type of cocktail. To make this magical cocktail, you should have at hand Sweet Tea Vodka (1 shot), lemonade without sugar, and wedge of lemon. After mixing vodka and lemonade, decorate the cocktail, using the wedge of lemon.

5.  Low Caloric Cocktail Recipe: Cocktail with Strawberry-Citrus and Vodka

This recipe is a great option if you seek for a low calorie cocktail. In this cocktail, you may use either vodka or soda. The latter doesn’t contain any alcohol. Mix citrus vodka (1 ¾ ounces), agave nectar (3/4 ounce), juice of lemon (3/4 ounce), strawberries (2), and mint (1 spring). After 20 seconds, you will be able to enjoy this fabulous low caloric cocktail.

6.  Low Caloric Cocktail Recipe: Bombay Magic

To prepare this cocktail, you may use tequila or vodka, which depends on your taste. Just squeeze lemon and mix its juice with Cointreau, vodka or tequila (1/4 shot glass), and soda. Finally, decorate the low caloric cocktail with the mint leaf.

7.  Low Caloric Cocktail Recipe: Slim Screwdriver

Enjoy this low caloric (80 calories) and summer cocktail recipe to chill out just mixing the following ingredients. Take vodka (1 shot), juice of orange (1 shot), 7-Up and after mixing them add orange slice for decoration.

Thus, here are the best low calorie cocktail recipes to chill out. They are quite easy to prepare at home and enjoy with your friends.

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