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Cool Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween parties are one of the most exciting ones, because all guests appear as a whole different character, the one that is presented by their cool costumes. In fact, deciding what’s going to be your character isn’t one of the easiest tasks, especially if you get an unexpected last minute Halloween invitation. Well, in any case there are so many cool ideas that you can even create a last minute Halloween character and still impress everyone! Find them presented below.

Nerd for Halloween

One of the easiest and most adorable last minute Halloween costume is the one of a nerd. All that you need in order to create this look is taped glasses, textbooks that you might have to carry all the time and the classic nerd hairstyle!

Cat Halloween Costume

Another easy alternative for this Halloween! Thus, all you have to do is wear grey or black clothes, add a tail and use your eyeliner to draw the nose and some whiskers.

Beloved Character of Waldo

A cool character for Halloween that not only is very easy to create, but also very comfy! Thus, combine blue jeans with a red striped shirt, red hat and round glasses and impress everyone with your creativity!

Vampire Halloween Costume

This Halloween character is mainly based on makeup tricks, so there is no need to find any special clothing to achieve it. Thus, stick with a light foundation to create the pale skin tone, combine it with a lipstick of a very dark shade. You can also draw some blood on your face in order to add a spookier edge to the whole look!

Gypsy Halloween Costume

This look for Halloween can be considered as one of the most unique ones! Thus, use maxi skirts and big scarves for the clothing, combine your outfit with big, eye-catching accessories and a bold makeup style and whoala, ready to go!

Hippie Halloween Costume

A colorful, funky Halloween character that can easily be created! Go for loose pants and colorful flower printed shirts to show off the flower power the best! Of course, don’t forget to add a headband to complete the look.

Gothic Style Halloween Costume

To maintain the spirit of Halloween you can stick with a bold, gothic look that will make you stand out of the crowd at the parties! Thus, dark makeup and eye-catching dark outfits should be your main tools if you want to achieve this character.

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