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What Are the Good Times of the Year to Buy Which Items?

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In the same way that chocolate bunnies are cheapest on the Monday after Easter and chocolate pumpkins are cheapest on November 1st, there are good times of year to buy any particular clothing item. Here is a quick rundown of when to shop for what on the best bargains:

  • July and August – Since most retailers start selling swimwear on March or so, bathing suits start going on sale in July and August. Summer attire will also start to drop in price as the end of summer gets closer.
  • September and October – Jeans typical go on sale during these months especially after school starts, and sometimes you can find great deals on winter coats as they hit the racks.
  • November and December – Just about everyone is gearing up for the holidays during November and December, but especially intimate apparel, loungewear, and sweaters are on noticeable specials.
  • January and February – After-holiday sales abound! In addition to the general post-holiday clearance sales, shoes are especially discounted in January and February. It is also a great time to find sales on suits and cocktail attire which typically do not move in January. Jewelry promotions also abound in February, before and after Valentine’s Day.
  • March and April – March and April are great months for jeans again, and winter coats are on sale as spring approaches. Sometimes raincoats can also be on sale during these early spring months.
  • May and June –We have come full circle with swimwear by May and June. After Mother’s Day certain boxed gift items as well as jewelry and lounge wear will be discounted as well.

Keep in mind there is always the balancing act of shopping earlier for the best selection and shopping later for the best discounts.

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