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The 13 Hottest Fashion Trends for Fall 2019

Street style photo of woman with leather jacket and cinched waist

Fall is here! Its time to shed light summer wear and prepare for cool weather and by default, fashion houses and designers are ready to help you warm up with new designs. From bucket hats and huge bags to fabulous knitwear and shirt dresses, there is so much to look forward to. 

The top fall collections of the year come from big names, such as Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Chanel, and Valentino. There are also emerging designers, such as Caroline Hu and Coperni, whose pieces have been lighting up the runways. So, which styles should you be on the lookout for? Here are the 13 hottest fashion trends for fall 2019. 

Painterly Pieces

New York-based fashion designer Caroline Hu, who just won the inaugural Business of Fashion China Prize early in the year, is back with feminine designs for the fall. Named among the top five designers to watch this season by The New York Times, her collection reflects a woman’s individuality in a modern and trendy world.  

For the 2019 fall season, she unveiled painterly pieces made up of smocked-tulle dresses, slouchy socks, and chunky shoes. She uses anywhere between 10 and 20 fabrics for her pleats, with brushstroke-like finishes. 

Her pieces give the impression of oil paintings that are reminiscent of Manet’s canvases. If you are into everything fabulous, then Hu’s embroidered dresses with splashes of color will see you through the fall.   

Uniform Wear

Padded lapels, triple button cuffs, and front pockets-prep uniforms are back on the runways. The year has seen student-inspired wear from designers across the globe. Last year, Thom Browne released his Golf Collection and the positive response has renewed the craze for blazers, shirts, and everything that resembles a school uniform.

Most designers are now focused on check prints and plaids. These classic patterns have been reinvented to go with the season. Marine Serre leads with plaid topcoats while Tory Burch comes in with graphic prints for his Ready-To-Wear Collection inspired by Black Mountain College. 

The look has also been refined into the classics by the likes of Chanel with the colorful houndstooth patterns. There is also the new Givenchy checked belted power suiting to try out. 

Slouchy Suits

Suits have been the favorite of several fashion houses since the beginning of the year. The trend that seems to have caught on quick is the relaxed and slouchy suit. The look is less constricting, making it comfortable for both day and evening wear. 

Slouchy suits are also geared towards a world that is becoming less and less gendered every day. The Row, led by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, created a line of comfortable suits for the 2019 fall season that are worth checking out.   

Other designers advancing these suits include Alexander Wang, Tibi, R13 and Roksanda. Big names like Balenciaga and Valentino have also released similar lines. The outstanding thing about the suits is that they can be worn with almost any kind of shoes, including sneakers, heels or even flats.

Feathers Everywhere

Feathers seem to be turning up everywhere and in everything this year. The trend is now part of everyday wear from jeans and coats to hats and handbags. Designers have, however, come up with lighter and more delicate styles that give the ostrich-inspired looks a modern touch. 

Valentino’s collection for the season include dresses with feathery edges. Prada is cashing in on the trend with feather-trimmed jeans, which you can pair with Loeffler Randall’s feather circle tote bag. 

For the top, a periwinkle peace feather jacket comes to mind. The design, by Australian designer Alice McCall, also comes with matching shorts. Depending on how daring you are, consider the heavily feathered dress by Marc Jacobs-cinched waist, big skirt, and V-neckline, with feathers everywhere. 

Cinched Waists

Suits are forever in fashion, but we see little modifications every now and then that create a whole new look. This season it’s all about the belt. Some Prada suits for the fall come with blazers fitted with cinchers. Marni, under Francesco Risso, released gray skirt suits with oversized blazers and heavy chains for cinching.  

The cinched waist is all about showing off your curves, or creating the illusion of a thin waist with contrasting broad shoulders and a bustier chest. The look transcends gender by creating a hybrid silhouette. Cinched waists happen to be highly practical since you can pull them off with either pants, dresses, or skirts.    

The trend is easy to follow, even on a budget; just pair your choice of pants, skirt or wide shorts with an oversized blazer. Next, buy a shiny leather or chain belt to fasten over the blazer.    

Pockets and More Pockets

The rise of feminism and the need for functional wear has given us some of the best runway looks in 2019. Pockets have become the fashion trend for ladies who want to do away with purses. This fall you can get blazers and trouser combinations with pockets for casual and semi-casual events.

These are pockets large enough to carry your phone, wallet, makeup kit, car keys, and pens. You can ditch the trousers for pocketed skirts or a cape with a single large pocket. 

Some of the hotter releases include Max Mara’s large structured jackets with more than a few pockets. Designer Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski has also wowed with the timeless Hermes fall collection, which features ladies’ luxury long coats with pockets.    

Quilty Patchworks

By tapping into the fashion of yesteryear, designers have brought to life some of the old school fashion trends. Taking inspiration from the ’70s and early ‘80s, Louis Vuitton and Oscar de la Renta have sought to modernize quilted patchwork on everything.

The patchwork trend has been so successful that it is now found on all pieces from shoes to overcoats. The look calls for heavy fabric, especially for some dresses, which works just fine for the fall. 

Top of the patchwork trends are floral chiffon dresses, eel leather knee-high boots, and dapper coats. Ulla Johnson has actually taken the trend further by pairing a bright-colored patchwork coat with a white ensemble. The combo is good for a semi-formal appearance and pops with an animal print shoe or bag.  

Small Bags

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The statement accessory to have this fall is the bitty bag, or TBB as the trendsetters are calling it. This is a small structured bag that comes in all designs and colors. The teeny bag can be long or short-strapped with different shades or one solid color. High-end brands have released the trendy bags with golden straps and bejeweled finishes. 

The trend, however, borders on the impractical, since the bag can only hold a single small phone or just one money clip. The accessory is one of those must-haves that only serve to show you are fashion-forward.

French designer Simon Jacquemu took over the fashion circles after launching a microscopic ‘Le Chiquiti leather bag. The gold-toned, snap closure bitty hardware is made in Italy and happens to be one of the ‘biggest’ things in runways this year.        

70’s Style

It’s been a while since bell-bottoms and turtlenecks were seen on runways. This fall, the seventies are making a big comeback-we are talking long jackets and vests decorated in earthy colors. 

Leading in the trend is Michael Kors’ Studio 54-inspired autumn collection. His pieces include belted dresses, neckerchiefs, shimmery dresses, leather, and curls. The style is meant to make everything look bigger; to pull this off, you need to be comfortable with maxi dresses and big, fluffy hair.  

The seventies wouldn’t be complete without corduroy. You can now shop for the old fashioned fabric in trendy corduroy pants, corduroy skirts, corduroy jackets, and corduroys dresses. Naeem Khan is another designer whose disco glamour trousers and elongated dresses are worth a look.           


Leather has become the go-to material for many designers in the 2019 fall/winter catwalks. Like a normal fabric, leather can now be worked into dresses, suits, and hats. Innovations in the tanning industry have now made it possible for leather pieces to come in all textures, sizes, and colors.   

The Italian chain Salvatore Ferragamo has come up with all sorts of leather pieces, from simple turn-up t-shirts to full leather jumpsuits for the fall. Also worth a look is Akris, with their range of leather handbags and leather suits, lamb nappa leather pants, and pencil nappa leather skirts for wearables. 

From Lanvin, you can now get a multi-colored parrot leather jacket or a stormy blue soft leather jacket.    

You will also notice that jumpsuits and playsuits have been reimagined, and, this time around, the fabric is leather. As Shafer puts it to Elle, “matte and high shine leathers are (now) also both relevant and can be dressed up or down.” 

Statement Shoes

On the shoe front, the fall has seen a slight shift from what’s considered normal, for more statement and bolder designs. Sneakers, which have been a bit relegated, have made a come back while platforms are getting thicker and more square.

Platform sandals work well with the old school designs of ‘70s and ‘80s wear, which lines most of 2019 fall collections. Thick rubber platforms with a retro-futuristic feel are also worth considering, especially when paired with animal prints-a trend which, we gotta say, has refused to blow over.   

Rain boots have also been made sexy with brands like Balenciaga releasing what can only be described as statement boots. The calfskin leather boot, which we have clearly fallen in love with, also comes with an etched logo lining the sides of a grommet. This, paired with a matte-finish, creates a futuristic boot.   

Victorian lace-up boots have also been added to the fall look. These are extra-high, classier boots with laces running from the foot to the knee. You can also opt for less of the shoe but still maintain the laces with Dion Lee’s line of laced sandals and heels. 

12. Animal Prints, Again!

Yes, prints are still getting hotter every day. This is one trend that has persevered more than any other in recent times. This fashion staple includes animal prints that are now coming in many colors and silhouettes. 

For a conservative look, you won’t go wrong with the Bijou leopard print dress. The wrap piece has a yellowish tint and ¾ puffed sleeves for the ultimate wild feel. You can also show off your summer tan with the not-so-conservative leopard print mini dress.  The piece can be worn with zip leather boots or knee-high lace-up boots.   

For the ultimate 80’s look, the reinvented leopard print dress with red undertones will bring the funky back. The design is one of Alessandra Rich’s leading pieces for 2019. The style can be paired with a wide belt and high heels with embellishments. You can also try a ruffled long-sleeved print dress with blue undertones.     

More Knits

The season can get quite cold, which explains the many knitwear pieces lining stores all over. Most brands now have specialized knitwear divisions, featuring scarves, skirts and even dresses. The cozy style has also evolved from the usual feminine knitwear look to include less-gendered multi-colored sweaters and cardigans. 

For autumn/winter 2019, London-based designer Molly Goddard unveiled a series of knitwear pieces with all kinds of patterns, such as optical, rainbow, and navy embroidered. We have also seen tight-fitting mini dresses from the luxury designer Mark Fast. His leading piece comes with an off-the-shoulder neckline.

Another inspiration for the season’s knitwear is Sally LaPointe’s collection. The London-based designer is known for her wide range of knitwear that can easily be paired with other materials, such as the oversized bomber jacket and leather dress, or an oversized crewneck sweater which goes well with loose-fitting pants. 

Fall is not fall without the above trendy pieces. Which one is your favorite? Whether you are looking for a piece that is both functional and fashionable, or just a fashion statement, look no further. 

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