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Some important facts about crop tops

Katy Perry

In the mid 1980s in her video for the song “Lucky Star” pop star Madonna and the dancing women in the same video had crop tops on. Those were the first crop tops ever. After this video, crop tops became popular, girls started cutting parts from their casual shirts, like sleeves, collars and the hems, making loose-fitting tops, which were often worn over body suits.

Today crop top is back to fashion again. There aren’t specific rules for wearing crop tops. All depends on how confident you feel in it.

Some important facts about crop tops

Usually a crop top gives sport or beach appearance to the wearer, but it has nothing to do where you really are to go. With crop top you can wear skirt, pants or even shorts.

It isn’t mandatory to have heavy makeup on. Right the opposite; just a confident smile can be enough with having your eyes lined. Put more stress on matching shoes and have a suitable hairstyle.

In Hollywood, we can see stars wearing small hills and having their hair in beachy waves put on one side.

Some important facts about crop tops

When choosing length for crop tops, keep in mind: taller women can wear a short crop top with jeans pants or with longer skirt. While shorter girls can choose to have the belly opened just a little and have their skirt short. Mini shirt can be a perfect solution for some reasons and having the mini shirt necked can help to keep the middle part centered.

Another great solutions is having a matched jacket over the crop top. It is to cover but still to show. Crop top with leather pants and sport boots can make an awesome outfit too.

In one of her concerts Selena Gomez wore a crop top with high-low skirt. That is a great appeal for a hang out with the boyfriend.

Some important facts about crop tops

Rihanna and Katy Perry are more for bra shape crop tops and high-waisted skirts.

As you see there are many ways to wear crop tops.  The most important is to feel free and confident as your face expression can say more for the pieces you have on.

Some important facts about crop tops

Some important facts about crop tops

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